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Die Angelo, Die

Pick Your Perks for
Die Angelo, Die!

Die Angelo, Die is the 16th film that POWER UP will produce for the indie and LGBTQ film goer. Die Angelo, Die is a Hollywood film noir thriller about revenge, redemption and what remains. What do you do when Hollywood director Angelo Anderson steals your film? The only thing you can do: write a screenplay about it and get revenge! The film will shoot in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California. It’s a sexy, exciting film in which the city of Palm Springs is a vital character.

Best part is POWER UP educates women and men along the way and you can help!  POWER UP is inviting you to "Pick Your Perks" for your donation — everything from an autographed script, to an overnight set visit or the chance to feature your business in the film! Click here to donate now and choose your personalized perks!


GIRLTRASH: All Night Long is on NOW on VOD!

Get GIRLTRASH via Video on DemandClick here to order your copy of GIRLTRASH: All Night Long on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Sony, Xbox, GooglePlay, Blockbuster and more!  Check out the Official Website for GIRLTRASH: All Night Long and to find out about more about the World Premiere Festivals, the Cast, official merchandise, and so much much more!

GIRLTRASH: All Night Long DVD Released to Rave Reviews and Enthusiastic Fans

Order Your Very Own Copy Today of GIRLTRASH: All Night Long, a musical comedy based on Angela Robinson’s extremely successful web series from Showtime. The movie stars Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere), Michelle Lombardo (Quarterlife), Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere), Lisa Rieffel (lead singer of Killola), Rose Rollins (L word), Kate French (One Tree Hill) and Clementine Ford (L word). DVD includes full-length feature film of GIRLTRASH: All Night Long PLUS bonus features and Angela Robinson's D.E.B.S. — the short film that started it all! Order your copy here!

GIRLTRASH: All Night Long Original Soundtrack on iTunes

Order Your GIRLTRASH: All Night Long Soundtrack. Get all the songs, sung by the cast including Killola, Gabrielle Christian, Mandy Musgrave, Michelle Lombardo, Rose Rollins. Songs include: By 2 a.m., Fantasy Crush, It's All Right,Traffic, By 2 a.m. (Rap), San Fernando Rose, Finally and a bonus track too. Order your copy here!


Gina Goff joins POWER UP as President of Production

Gina Goff joins POWER UP as President of Production replacing Lisa Thrasher who had held that position since 2008. “Gina brings a tremendous amount of experience as a physical producer and POWER UP will greatly benefit from both her development and production background” stated POWER UP founder and CEO, Stacy Codikow. More info

PLEASE HELP US RAISE $50,000 to fund the Mentorship Program.

Alishe Beardeaux and Erin Galey on the set of GIRLTRASH: All Night Long

We ask you to support the only non-profit organization actively teaching, mentoring, providing access and opportunity for young filmmakers to get involved and learn.

The Film and Television industry is one of the most competitive industries in the World. To succeed in this industry is especially difficult, since it remains an apprentice industry where 98% of what you must know to succeed can only be learned on the job.

The 2014 Mentorship Program needs your support.

Below are some of the much appreciated and crucial ways you can support POWER UP and the MENTORSHIP PROGRAM:

1. You can read more about the MENTORSHIP PROGRAM here.

3.  JOIN POWER UP (even if you're not in the business) to support the continued goals of making quality lesbian and gay film and get to see all our short films free.



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