The Hunger Games Gets Nasty

Hunger Games opened on March 23rd, 2012 and recorded the third largest opening weekend in history,  making a staggering 152.5 million on 4,137 screens.  Earnings are expected to remain strong this weekend,  with estimates as high as 60 million.  The Clash of the Titans sequel comes out this weekend as well; if, Hunger Games holds on to the top spot, does it now prove a female heroine can carry a movie?  They are saying that Hunger Games could be the first female franchise.  I have spoken to women who have read the books and it is clear they appeal to a wide age demographic.  What will be interesting to watch is the male demographic numbers.  Will the young male audience get behind this new female heroine?  Have a strong weekend, this weekend and the argument will be made that a strong female character can carry a movie.

What other action/drama films had a strong female lead, that did well at the box office and even better on DVD?  I can think of only one actress who has pulled that off, twice!

Do you think Hunger Games can sustain itself on a female audience?  What would you assume the male age demographic would be?  These questions are questions we should always ask ourselves when setting up a project.  Who is going to watch the movie? and Why?  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this?

Here is a link to a great article on written two days before the Hunger Games opening:

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