Facebook takes over film business!

The amazing thing about film-making is how it is constantly evolving.  We remember the days when there was only film, G&E packages weren’t ridiculously priced and talent was accessible not insulated by 5 or 6 nickle or dimers.  Nickle and Dimers refer to the people that pinch nickels and dimes from their clients and that is how they live. Now we have to have social networking put in the budget, as a very high priced but necessary line item.

Facebook, Twitter, On-line advertising, these are absolutely crucial to the success of today’s films.  Big budget or small, without the proper online influence, you might as well kiss your movie good bye.  There are of course exceptions to the rule (John Carter who concentrated advertising online and put out weak commercials for television), but for the most part, social networking saves your movie.  The question I always ask is, “what is the downside of social networking” and “how can I protect my movie.”

Television writers, you need to write for the online as well as the production part of the show.  Writers need to keep everything fresh online, there should never be a moments disconnect from the online audience, literally!!!  More with television then film, tons of information has to be shared, even minutiae; because, the demand for information is so high, you cannot provide it fast enough.

We are in a social networking nightmare and it is not getting better.  We are trying to keep information constantly flowing, but we are giving too much information without realizing the consequences.  When you post about your movie or television show on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…think about what you are posting. You may be posting personal information that can lead to identity theft and other identity scams. You need to make sure you are protecting yourself.

Hire someone with knowledge specific to your social networking needs.  Please, please, please, don’t be a moron and think you know it all.  GET SOME HELP!!!  Find someone who understands how the system works to guide you.  Make sure you are protected and all posts are going through some type of filter before they go up.  Remember, once it is up, it can be found, even after you delete it.

Read this article on social networking, it will change the way you think, as you set out to promote your next movie or tv show,  If it does not make you think, there is no hope for you.      http://finance.yahoo.com/news/facebook-and-your-privacy.html?page=1

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