Film now obsolete?

I am going to show my age with what I say, but the lack of a congruent hair line on either side of my head does it for me already.  I grew up in the age of television with wonderful ensemble casts, ample time being given to the developmennt of the characters, their story lines and even the look of the set, but that changed fifteen years ago.  T.V. is really expensive to make, yet all the cable channels had the big three scrambling (If you don’t know who the big three refers to, I am not telling) and they produced  terrible, one off programs.  Scripted television was being thrown at us and overnight T.V became mundane, contrived, and old. We all started going to the movies more and renting movies to bring home. Here is the kicker, everyone wanted T.V. to be great, but the studios forgot the need to have great a great story line along with a great look.

But then it happened…

I have always loved movies and scripted television and I just realized that the best of both worlds have officially come together.  There is nothing like watching a really good movie in the theater, the popcorn, smells, excitement, etc…but many of us do not have the time like we used to, the box at home has become our movie theater.  With our small screens at home finally becoming the norm for viewing any media content, the T.V. studios are now making 1hr. weekly motion pictures.  Have you watched Showtime recently? Amazing!  We are in the age where the line between televsion and feature films has blurred.  T.V. was always limited by time and cost, but NOW, T.V. spends in one episode, what others might spend on a low budget feature film (5-10 million dollars). The cable channels, with no commercials, give us a mini movie every time we watch one of their shows.  Sure, T.V. is lit differently and shot differently, but isn’t every movie lit differently and shot differently?  T.V. is now watched and critiqued just like a movie. Why? Because, it is a movie.  I will always love movies, the grand scale of a shot, the characters being limited to two hours of running time, and the big screen, which adds that incredible dimension that cannot be copied, ever…but T.V. is pretty damn close.  Hollywood is a television town now and we all have to get used to it, even as I bitch and moan.

Has scripted television and the way it is shot, taken over the feature film world?

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