Hollywood Strikes AGAIN!

What in God’s, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, etc’s… name was she thinking?  Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud to introduce you to, Hannah Montana!!! 0521_miley_cyrus_01

I realize she looks really hot, but she is 19.  She is still a kid or is she?  I don’t want to see Miley Cyrus looking hot, it freaks me out.  I watched her kid TV show with my niece, admired her Dad for somehow surviving the “mullet” and “Achy Breaky Heart” and watched her shoot to stardom.  She was the bucktoothed little cutie that you realized was going to be a star, but I don’t believe anyone could have imagined how high her star would shoot.  Now, I have to watch her change again, from Hollywood kid to Hollywood woman, which means it will happen far to early and the “no nudity” clause will be out of her contract.  This single picture will have producers lining up to get her nude on-screen.  You could shoot a whole movie about wooden spoons, jello and a cow bell, on HD Cam, with one 10 second scene of Miley Cyrus nude and you will clean up opening day on your 2600 screen release.  That is of course, 2600 screens, because the Studio threw in for 15 million in advertising you were short.  I am surprised Playboy has not offered her 10 million for a spread, or maybe they have, hmmm?  Bottom line is this,  this is the reality for many female child stars in Hollywood, the machine cannot wait to get them naked.

I realized this was going to happen, I was just not ready for it.  It is always hard to stomach the change when you know what is coming next.  Every time a young girl that has grown up in front of you makes the move to womanhood on the big or little screen, I always feel sadness; because, once the move is made, the little girl is gone forever.  She will now be exploited in ways that were not legal when she was under 18.  Now, more than ever, she needs protection.  She needs the people around her to question everything, her life needs to be monitored, she needs true friends supporting her.  We will either watch the unfortunate and early demise of a human being or the success of a true survivor.  The question I have:  Can she survive Hollywood or will she be a statistic.  I pray she can!

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