James Bond, what happened?

Look, I rarely get incensed but this one has me INCENSED!  Product placement is a huge part of making movies in hollywood.  Without product placement, many movies would not be able to support their art department, wardrobe and props departments needs, but there needs to be a line to the insanity.  It is widely reported that James Bond, in the new 007 movie, will be passing on the martini “shaken not stirred” but in fact have a Heineken.  Really, a flipping Heineken, a green bottle of beer, not even draft, wth.  So, for the past 40 years James Bond has been fine with a really dry martini, but NOW, he has to have a beer?  What, there was a run on really good vodka and they only had the bad stuff left or did the whole liquor part of the bar shutdown and that was the only thing available.  Did he really walk into the most elegant bar you have ever seen, in a $2000.00 suit and perfectly coiffed, to order a bottle of Heineken.  Bartender:  “good evening sir, the usual I presume?”  “would you like the glass chilled as well sir?”  Bond: “no thank you, tonight is special my good man,  just pop the top off a Heineken for me.”  Bartender: “would you like it in a glass sir?”  Bond: “absolutely not, Heineken is to good to put in a glass, just give me that cold bottle of Heineken.”  C’mon, this is ridiculous.  Some things should be left untouched and in my world, this is one of them.  What happens next, James Bond changes his name to Sir Viagra Trojan and tries to save the world from the evil Dr. Facebook Mozilla?  Just sayin’.

Overreacting or Justified?

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One Response to James Bond, what happened?

  1. Jennifer says:

    No, no, NO.

    I understand product placement adds additional capital to play with on any given production, but there are few characters in film and TV that have ICONIC beverages attache to them as much as James Bond.

    Unless Heineken is completely bankrolling a $200 million film, there is absolutely no forgiving this attack on such a notable figure in the history of film.

    I worked on TV shows that wrote companies such as GM, Bing, and Garmin into their shows. I get it. We got to blow up a car because of that extra $50k. GM also got a free commercial for their car, didn’t have to pay for production, and successfully strong armed producers into extending the shots of the car for no reason that had anything to do with the storyline.

    Its distracting and disrespectful to audiences. We come to film and TV for entertainment, not MORE commercials. Let the day players drink Heineken, but Bond drinks nothing but martinis. Will be a sad day, indeed if that’s what makes final cut.

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