Monday Morning

Happy Monday to everyone.

On Monday morning, I like to look at the box office results of the top 10 movies and compare the artistic results to their budgets.  I know that sounds weird, but I am always trying to figure out how I can shoot what I need and have it be financially feasible.  I realize everyone wants to have that artistic masterpiece, but some movies or scripts are never going to be that; however, if a movie is made well, it can still turn a profit.  I find myself constantly trying to learn from others mistakes in hopes that I will not make the same mistake.

I have a couple questions of my own:

What makes you decide if you are going to take on a project?

Do you try to find the pitfalls first or learn as you go?

These do not have to be film projects, it can be any project you take on.

Have a great Monday!


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