The Hunger Games Gets Nasty

Hunger Games opened on March 23rd, 2012 and recorded the third largest opening weekend in history,  making a staggering 152.5 million on 4,137 screens.  Earnings are expected to remain strong this weekend,  with estimates as high as 60 million.  The Clash of the Titans sequel comes out this weekend as well; if, Hunger Games holds on to the top spot, does it now prove a female heroine can carry a movie?  They are saying that Hunger Games could be the first female franchise.  I have spoken to women who have read the books and it is clear they appeal to a wide age demographic.  What will be interesting to watch is the male demographic numbers.  Will the young male audience get behind this new female heroine?  Have a strong weekend, this weekend and the argument will be made that a strong female character can carry a movie.

What other action/drama films had a strong female lead, that did well at the box office and even better on DVD?  I can think of only one actress who has pulled that off, twice!

Do you think Hunger Games can sustain itself on a female audience?  What would you assume the male age demographic would be?  These questions are questions we should always ask ourselves when setting up a project.  Who is going to watch the movie? and Why?  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this?

Here is a link to a great article on written two days before the Hunger Games opening:

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Adrienne Rich, Women’s Rights Pioneer, Dies

Adrienne Rich (1929-2012) the outspoken poet, activist and women’s rights pioneer has died at the age of 82.   I have included a link to a story done about Adrienne, written by Mary Rourke for the Los Angeles Times.

Did any of Adrienne’s work influence your life?  Who is the Director you would pick to do the story of her life?,0,4258797.story

I look forward to hearing from our Members, Donors and Friends!

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Hello POWER UP Members, Donors and Friends!!!

Hello!  My name is Christopher Miller (“Topher” to my friends) and I am excited & honored to officially introduce myself to the Membership, Donors and Friends of POWER UP.  I first worked on a POWER UP film in 2003 and ever since I have been a huge fan & supporter of POWER UP, its Mission, its Members, its Films and its unparalleled Educational Programs!  As such, I am proud to announce that I will, once again, support POWER UP, this time by serving as the new Vice President of Production, for POWER UP’s Film, TV & PSA Production division.  I will, of course, also be heavily involved in POWER UP’s endeavors, wherever my services may be needed.

POWER UP offers its Members so much, for so little.  I understand that, especially in these tough economic times, POWER UP must work harder to provide its Members with the career-building skills and relationships needed to achieve success for years to come, and I am up to the task!

Members, you are the ones that are on the “front-lines” struggling for career equality, success and on-screen representation that’s not a stereotype in an industry that has not yet achieved that goal.

Even in 2012, Women and the LGBTQ Community are discriminated against and underrepresented in the Film & Television Industry both on-screen and off. Even now with thousands of television channels and countless new outlets for Film & other media both Women and LGBTQ persons remain scarce:

– Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) scripted characters                             represent 2.9% of all scripted series regular characters on the five major broadcast networks;

– Female Directors comprised only 5% of Directors on the 250 highest grossing movies in 2011;

– Less than 4% of Film & TV crew members are LGBTQ, many must remain anonymous in order to keep their jobs; and

– Women make up only 18% of all Film & TV Crew in Hollywood – that is virtually the same as when these statistics started being tabulated in 1998.

POWER UP’s unparalleled educational programs directly go to remedy those discrepancies – Workshops; Seminars; Self-Esteem & Leadership classes; Script Notes; Career Counseling; Fiscal Sponsorship; and POWER UP’s unique “On-Set” Intensive Film Production Mentorship program.

POWER UP and I are here to help you – simply donate to become a Member now!  Any questions?  Check-out the website or feel free to email me with questions about POWER UP Membership, POWER UP’s Educational Programs or POWER UP’s Member Services.

Please stay in touch with us on this new POWER UP blog.  Keep coming back!

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Hello POWER UP members and supporters!

I am so excited to announce the new POWER UP blog!!!  Please check back on Tuesday for the first official post.

Thank you for your continued support of POWER UP!

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Welcome to the POWER UP blog.  We will be using the space to share pertinent filmmaking information including stories about independent film production, networking opportunities, recommendations regarding workshops, topics of interest to the community, book and film reviews … information to empower you in your filmmaking goals.

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