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POWER UP Workshops are held two or three times annually.  They feature industry professionals sharing their insider experience.  Look to Events & News for upcoming workshops!

An Evening with Darlene Hunt creator/writer of "THE BIG C"

About the Event

Darlene Hunt, the writer/creator of Showtime’s THE BIG C with Laura Linney, spoke at the POWER UP writer’s event held October 19, 2010 at the Palihouse in West Hollywood. Hunt is one of the new breed of show creators who are “jumping the norm,” bypassing the arduous climb through the ranks by writing and successfully pitching a distinctive, powerful and brilliant series idea. An actress and stand-up comedian, Hunt had written a stage play starring Sean Hayes and had sold 12 pilots.

About 55 POWER UP members and attendees listened intently as Hunt talked about the importance of finding your voice and staying true to your themes. She also shared advice on being prepared when your opportunity arose, how to prepare for a pitch meeting and how to get your work in front of writing managers and agents.


Special Guest Jordana Brewster (D.E.B.S.) spoke to the class, bringing her special insight regarding actors working with directors. Thirty attendees - including students who flew in from NY, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Canada and Germany - spent a jam-packed weekend with director Angela Robinson to learn her short-cuts and recommendations about directing.

"The directors job is to make the audience feel" Robinson expressed to the group in her opening presentation. Then she spent the next two days teaching everyone how that is achieved, how directing is best performed and what it takes to get the job done. Participant Fontessa de Ridder who flew in from San Francisco said "Angela manages to give a point of view on film from the writing, directing and acting perspective. It's impressive and SO educational!"


TV WRITER/PRODUCER 2-Day Intensive Seminar

Lauren Iungerich - Staff Writer 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU
Carol Leifer - Co-Executive Producer RULES OF ENGAGEMENT
Claudia Lonow - Executive Producer ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE
Jan Oxenberg - Co-Executive Producer COLD CASE
Ellen Sandler - Co-Executive Producer EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND
Elizabeth Sarnoff - Executive Producer LOST

SIX INDUSTRY-INSIDERS SHARED THEIR EXPERIENCES... and they ALL emphasized over and over again how important it is to get your work into the hands of people who can offer solid advice and industry connections to advance your career! Elizabeth Sarnoff, executive producer of LOST met with Linda Andersson, Fred Kim, Nancy Kissam, Jenn Medvin and Melody Cade to discuss their work. CONGRATS!



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